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Dunkirk, OH
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Fresh Incense
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Fresh Incense Burns Longer and Smells Better!

This is the incense that made Anna world famous. All hand dipped and packaged fresh. We don't colour our sticks or cones and we don't use lighter fluid. Once you've burned Anna's Incense, you'll never burn any other!

Incense Sticks & Wands

11" Natural Sticks

Incense Connoisseurs around the world won't burn anything but Anna's Incense.  Eleven inch, natural sticks saturated with fresh smelling oils.  Each stick burns clean for over an hour!  Sticks packaged and shipped fresh daily.

Fragrance:  TOP SELLER
Price / Item:
$5.00 / Bundle (Approx. 100 sticks)
$4.00 / Bundle on 25 Bundles or more

19" Jumbo Wands - Dozen Pack

These monster sticks have been clocked burning for over 4 hours! Stick them in a planter or outside right in the ground! Be careful, parties have been known to spontaneously erupt when these sticks are burned.
Price / Item:
$7.50 / Dozen (12)
Buy 12 or more for $6 per dozen

Anna's Incense Labels

Famous for over 15 years, let the Anna's Incense Logo work for you!

Professionally designed labels make for an appealing product for your customers. They also help you to save money! Two great combinations!

I recommend 4-5 labels per bundle of 100 sticks.

Price / Item:
$0.15 / Each


Packaged Incense

We are doing the work for you with these pre-packaged and ready to sell incense. 

Hang on your existing slat wall, place in baskets, find a hook, whichever way you decide to sell these, they will keep customers coming back again and again. 

I recommend 4-6 packs per fragrance.
Approx. 25 Sticks/per Pack

Suggested Retail: $3-$5 per pack

Price / Item:
$1.50 / Bag (25)

11" Stick Incense Poly Bags

2" x 12" Ziplock poly bags. Each one will hold several dozen of the 11" sticks.  Each Bundle has 100 bags per pack!

Price / Item:
$5.00 / Each

1" Cone Incense Bags

3" x 4" Ziplock poly bags. Each one will hold several 1" cone incense for reselling.

Price / Item:
$5.00 / Each